Steel and Timber Structures in Architecture 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
134ODA1 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Michal Jandera (guarantor)
Jan Jůza, Matyáš Kožich, Kristýna Vopatová, Markéta Zikmundová
Department of Steel and Timber Structures

Students learn the steel elements supporting structures, manufacturing, designing of beams, columns, joints, and ocelobetonovými structures, basic fire design and corrosion protection. the multi-storey buildings and halls are introduced.


Basic knowledge of theoretical mechanics and statics.

Syllabus of lectures:

Introduction, history of steel structures, use, important buildings, steel production

Properties of steel, testing, marking, corrosion protection and fire

Production design, reliability, serviceability limit states, the standards for the design, move

Pressure, buckling pressure

Classification sections, bending, economical design

Welding, welded joints

Riveting and screwing, bolted joints

Multistorey structures, spatial rigidity, composite members

Multistorey structures, communications, preliminary design

Single-storey buildings, the preliminary draft

Large span halls

Bridges, terminology, footbridges

Novelty, repetition

Syllabus of tutorials:

Elements of welded tubular truss

Tension bar composed of two angles

Centrally compressed element of cross-section of HEB

Beam cross-section IPE

Steel and concrete composite beam

Beam to column connection

Column to column connection

Column base

Part of the exercise is to visit the testing lab and welding lab.

Study Objective:

Learn the basics of designing steel structures. Practising the design elements.

Study materials:

Studnička: Navrhování nosných konstrukcí, Ocelové konstrukce, ČVUT, Praha, 2015

Macháček, Studnička: Ocelové konstrukce 2, ČVUT, Praha, 2005

Studnička: Ocelové konstrukce, Normy, ČVUT, Praha, 2014

Eliášová, Sokol: Ocelové konstrukce, Příklady, ČVUT, Praha, 2014

Sokol, Wald: Ocelové konstrukce, Tabulky, ČVUT, Praha, 2015

Studnička, Holický, Marková: Ocelové konstrukce 2, Zatížení, ČVUT 2011

Further information:
http://people.fsv.cvut.cz/~xjanderm/ (nutné heslo)
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