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A0B04FCE2 Z 2 2s
Dana Saláková (guarantor), Markéta Havlíčková, Petra Jennings
Department of Languages

The course is aimed for students, employees of the Faculty and the public whose knowledge of English corresponds to B1 level according to the European Language Frame.

The course focuses on improving all language skills - writing, speaking, reading, listening, grammar and phonetics - and is submitted to the goal of obtaining the required skills needed for B2 ELF.



Students are expected to attend classes, work actively during lessons and prepare independently their home assignments, including essays.

They are due to take the final credit test test and get at least 60% of total points.

Other requirements will be specified in detail by the teacher during the first lesson of the term. The teacher is allowed to supplement or change his/her requirements or programme of the lessons.

Syllabus of lectures:

Week 1 Material world

Reading: Multiple-choice questions; Grammar: Indirect Speech, reporting verbs

Week 2 Material world

Listening: Radio adverbs, shopping; Speaking: Advertising, Product, Presentation; Vocabulary 1, 2

Week 3 Material world

Use of English: M-ch cloze; Exam focus; Vocabulary: Shopping and leisure facilities; Expressing uncertainty;

Writing: Letter of complaint

Week 4 Progress test 1 - 5

It´s your call

Grammar: Certainty and possibility; Vocabulary 1;

Word formation; Listening 1;

Reading: Multiple matching

Week 5 It´s your call

Listening: Song;

Grammar: Passives; Open Cloze; Vocabulary: Communicating with others; Speaking: Exam focus

Week 6 It´s your call

Writing: Report; Listening: Multiple-choice questions; Review

Week 7 Back to the future

Grammar: Relative clauses; Use of English: Exam focus

Vocabulary: General nouns

Week 8 Back to the future

Reading: Multiple matching; Grammar: Conditionals; Speaking: Ranking, discussion

Week 9 Back to the future

Listening: Exam focus; Writing: Composition; Multiple-choice Cloze; Review

Week 10 We are family

Speaking: Quiz Reading: Multiple matching;

Vocabulary: Adjective suffixes, relationships; Grammar: Gerunds and infinitives

Week 11 We are family

Word formation; Grammar: Expressing hypothetical meanings; Listening: Song, Exam focus

Week 12 We are family

Writing: Article; Speaking:2; Review

Week 13 Exam Maximizer Revision Lessons 5 - 8

Week 14 Final test - Analysis of mistakes, Credits

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Course objective: The course focuses on developing and practising language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

Study materials:

Materials:Newbrook, Jacky; Wilson, Judith; Acklam, Richard

New First Certificate GOLD Coursebook (Longman, 2007)Unit 5- 8

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