Multimedia I

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AD7B39MM1 Z,ZK 6 14+6L Czech
Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction

The course gives students knowledge necessary to produce and edit multimedia content using variety of tools and creative methods. Lectures are focused on presentation of standards, technologies, methods and approaches commonly used in commercial and alternative creation processes. The presented topics include production process of multimedia content, interactive multimedia applications, data formats and compression methods, technical equipment to record video, lighting devices and their control. The course also contain problematics of archivation and distribution of multimedia content. The part of the course is also a project with use of presented technologies and methods.


Knowledge of programming and using libraries in Java or C++.

see also http://vyuka.iim.cz/y39mm1:y39mm1

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Multimedia as a mean of communication, applications

2. Introduction to sound

3. Audio signals, description and perception of the sound

4. Digital audio signal processing and recording

5. Technical equipment for audio signal recording and reproduction

6. Space acoustics

7. Storing graphical data, graphical data formats

8. Video shooting and recording, technical equipment

9. Stereoscopy

10. Video editing, software tools, video composition

11. Lighting systems and their control.

12. DVD standard and technology

13. Motion-Capture technologies

14. Archivation and distribution of multimedia content

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction

2. Reservation of projects

3. Sound and its perception

4. Processing analog and digital sound signal

5. Electroacoustic changers - microphones and speakers

6. Space acoustics

7. The first checkpoint, consultations

8. Work on project

9. Work on project

10. The second checkpoint, consultations

11. Work on project

12. Work on project

13. Presentations

14. Presentations

Project: One project will be completed during the course.

Study Objective:

The goal of the course is to introduce the student into the field of multimedia in wider context of applications and approaches in such a way that the student does not stay near the commonly known approaches but he/she can extend known methods and applications in a new context.

Study materials:

Kosch, H.: Distributed Media Database Technologies. Boca Raton, USA: CRC Press,

2004, ISBN 0-8493-1854-8.

Litwiller, D.: CMOS vs. CCD: Maturing Technologies, Maturing Markets. Photonics

Spectra, 2005.

Fiete, R. D.: Modeling the Imaging Chain of Digital Cameras. Washington, USA:

SPIE Press, první vydání, 2010, ISBN 978-0-8194-8339-3.

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