Implementation of the digital circuits in Radio

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Safety in Electrical Engineering for a master´s degree (BEEZM)
Department of Radioelectronics

The course is base for student, which want practically designed circuits of the digital signal processing with the signal processors and specialised circuits. Attention is concentration to realisation of the modulators and circuit of the numerical conversion of the signal, algoritms coding/decoding, which contains in the communication chain. Dominantly is concentration to effective realization with minimal computing power.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1.Architecture of the high speed A/D, increasing it's performance

2.Efficient implementation of the decimation and interpolation (hardware and software)

3.Quantization of the arithmetical operations, arithmetic with attend

4.Implementation finical digital filter, possibility of the decreasing computational power

5.Utilization changes of the sampling frequency for efficient implementation

6.Efficient implementation generators of the code and interleaves

7.Hardware and software implementation security of the carried data

8.Potentialities implementation digital subsystem in MF and HF zone by PLD

9.Fast implementation of the basic operation digital system (addition, multiplication, DA, CORDIC)

10.Hardware and software implementation of the frequency synthesizer

11.Modification of the frequency synthesizer for modulation affecting amplitude, phase and frequency.

12.Implementation modulators/demodulators, processing complex envelope

13.Increasing computing performance of the DSP, parallelization for VLIW, multiprocessor systems

14.Up/down convector, description, characteristics and utilize in chipsets

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Simulation characteristic realistic arithmetic, arithmetical noise

2.Properties of the simulator and DSK board with signal processor

3.Effective realization of the process decimate

4.Design and realization of the frequency synthesizer

5.Design and realisation of the modulator QPSK in DSK board

6.Design FSK demodulator in Matlab

7.Realization FSK demodulator in DSK board

8.Design filter with multirate digital signal processing

9.Effective implementation system with multirate digital signal processing

10.Realization QPSK modulator

11.Phase loop with digital control (DPLL)

12.Implementation circuit of the reconstruction symbol frequency (QPSK demodulator)

13.Realization CORDIC

14.Completion exercises

Study Objective:

Design computing power effective circuits of the digital signal processing with the signal processors and specialised circuits.

Study materials:

1. Analog Devices High Speed Design Technique. Norwood: Analog Devices. 2000

2. Kuo.S.M: Real-Time Digital Signal Processing, John Wiley, 2006

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