Technology of Cables and Optical waveguides

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AE0M13TKS Z,ZK 5 2P+2L English
Department of Electrotechnology

- Cable engineering-materials,machines

and production methods

- The engineering and properties of

metal cables

- The technology and properties of optical

fibres and cables

- The fibre connectors evaluation

- Ending end branching of power cables

- The power cables and optical fibres



A student has to obtain credit before examination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basic characteristics of production of cables, types of cables

2. Main technological operations for cables production

3. Machines and equipment for production of cables

4. Production of metal wires for cables

5. Technology of processing of insulating and dielectric parts

6. Construction and properties of low voltage and high voltage power cables

7. Theoretical analysis of power cables of different types

8. Technology of minimization of partial discharges for high voltage cables

9. Construction and properties of low frequency telecommunication cables

10. Construction and properties of high frequency cables

11. Construction and properties of optical waveguides

12. Shielding, ending and joining of metallic and optical cables

13. Cable sets, installation of cables

14. System of quality assurance, measurement and control of parameters

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction. Information about the first group of measurements

2. Measurements of insul. properties and control el. resistivity of power cables

3. Joining of Cu and Al conductors

4. Measurement of partial discharges of High voltage cables

5. Modeling of a real course of electrical field of a power cable

6. Production of conductors and power cables - video

7. Visit of an enterprise producing cables - basic production steps

8. Visit of a production enterprise - production of polymer high voltage cables

9. Information about the second group of measurements

10. Ending of cables

11. Measurement of characteristic parameters of different types of cables

12. Calculation and modeling of parameters of telecommunication cables

13. Measurement of radial course of breakdown index of optical waveguides

14. Production of telecommunication and optical cables - video. A credit

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1]Heinhold,l.:Power Cables and their

Application,Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


[2]Filka,M.:Optoelectronics for

Telecomunications and Informatics,2009 [3]Slaninka,P.:The theory of power cables,



von Energiekabeln und deren Messungen,

VWEW,Frankfurt am Main,1990

[5]Sing Jasprit:Optoelectronics in Introduction to Materials and Devices,McGraw-Hill Comp..N.Y.1996

[6]Koblizek,V.:Technological Operations,

Laboratory exercises,Part 2,CTU,Praha


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