Electrical Installations

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AE0B15EIN Z,ZK 4 2+2L Czech
Department of Electrical Power Engineering

Basic design of electrical power circuit-wiring in housing and industrial building, wires dimension, introduction to protection and wire grounding in distribution point - low voltage and high voltage.


Requirements to obtain the assessment are exercises attendance and a term thesis elaborating.

Successful exam passing is determined in the Study and Examination Code of CTU in Prague.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Requirement onto distribution of electrical energy.

2. Kind of distribution mechanism, low-voltage switchgear.

3. Kind of distribution of electricity, determination of computational loading.

4. Wire dimension for heavy current distribution.

5. Kind of wires and electric flex, their marking and placing.

6. Design option current distribution.

7. Flat installation - building wire connection, design and type of circuits.

8. Connection of heating appliances and their control.

9. Heavy current distribution in industrial services.

10. Cable channels of distribution, underground cable placing.

11. Protection of heavy current wire and electromotors (low-voltage).

12. Wire grounding in heavy current distribution.

13. Designing system diagram.

14. Base of project documentation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Project assignment "Electrical energy distribution in flat?.

2. Determination of heftiness.

3. Evaluation shunt faults.

4. Evaluation shunt faults.

5. Evaluation shunt fault effect.

6. Electrical circuits design of flat.

7. Switch board design.

8. Examples of heavy current distributions - excursion.

9. Electrical protection in house.

10. Design of wire grounding.

11. Special requirements on flat electrical distribution.

12. Heating appliances control.

13. Tuition - project assignment.

14. Project assignment handover, credit assignment.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Study materials are available at www.powerwiki.cz.

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