Construction of Electronic Circuits

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AE0B13KEO Z,ZK 4 2P+2L English
Department of Electrotechnology

Printed circuit boards and modular constructions. Single sided, double sided and multi-layer boards. Through-hole and surface mount technologies. Designing printed circuits patterns. Passive and semiconductor components for electronic circuits. Manual and automated assembly. Soldering techniques. Testing of printed circuit boards during the manufacturing.


The credit reguirements: seminar presentation, realization of electronic circuit, protokol of circuit realization and the student must obtain minimally 50 % of avaliable points in the tests.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Realization methods of electronic circuits

2. Design technique of real circuits

3. Printed circuits board technologies and component bonding

4. Practical design of printed circuits boards

5. Computer design

6. Passive components - specific properties

7. active components - specific properties

8. Power supplies for electronic circuits, design, realization

9. Component assembly. Soldering technique

10. Switching and wiring components

11. Putting into operation, testing

12. Selection of measuring methods and apparatus

13. Design effect on equipment reliability

14. Basic Standards for electronic equipments

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction. Safety provisions. Catalogue of components

2. Methods of realization electronic circuits

3. Printed circuits boards design

4. Computer - aided program Formica

5. Computer - aided program Formica

6. Electronic circuits realization - scheme

7. Electronic circuits realization - function verification

8. Electronic circuits realization - printed circuits boards

9. Component assembly

10. Electronic circuits realization - soldering

11. Circuits function testing

12. Circuits parameters measuring

13. Final report

14. A credit

Study Objective:

A student are well-educated of properties of fundamental electronic devices, theit application at realization of electronic circuits, technology of ralization of PCB and methods of actuating of electronic equipment

Study materials:

[1] Leonida, G., Handbook of Printed Circuit Design, Manufacture Components & Assembly. Electrochemical Publications, IOM, 2000

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