Audio Technology

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AD2M37ZVT Z,ZK 5 14+6L Czech
Department of Radioelectronics

The course deals with topics from electro acoustics, sound reinforcement, related signal processing in conjunction with psychoacoustic aspects. It prepares experts for studio practice, design of sound reinforcement and specialized field in signal processing.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1. Electromechanical and electroacoustic transducers with magnetic field

2. Electromechanical and electroacoustic transducers with electric field

3. Acoustic transmitters and receivers

4. Vibrating systems and their modeling

5. Calibration of transducers and other electroacoustic measurements

6. Propagation of sound in closed spaces

7. Sound reinforcement of small and big rooms

8. Acquisition, preprocessing and recording of audio signals

9. Analysis of acoustic signals in time and frequency domain

10. Measurement and analysis of linear electroacoustic systems

11. Measurement and analysis of electroacoustic systems with non-linearities

12. Principles of audio signal compression, psychoacoustic and technical aspects

13. Sound signal compression systems, lossless vs. lossy. FLAC, APE, MPEG, ATRAC

14. 3D sound recording, processing and reproduction

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Modeling and design of electroacoustic transducer

2. Measurement of parametres of the electrodynamic loudspeaker

3. Measurement of eigenfrequencies of a closed space

4. Auditory tests (physiological, psychological and musical acoustics)

5. Electrostatic calibration of a microphone

6. Acoustic systems modeling

7. Measurement of the piezoelectric transducer

8. Acoustic signal pickup, preprocessing and recording

9. Analysis of recorded signals, postprocessing and playback of audio signals

10. Design, generation and analysis of test audio signals

11. Transfer-function measurements of electroacoustic systems using MLS signals

12. Analysis of audio systems with non-linearities using swept signals

13. Compression of audio signals. MPEG-Audio, ATRAC, SBR.

14. Evaluation of compressed audio signals from psychoacoustic point of view

Study Objective:

Students acquire knowledge on analysis and synthesis of electro acoustic systems and acoustic field including sound reinforcement. In the signal processing part they learn the influence of psychoacoustic phenomena in audio signal analysis and synthesis.

Study materials:

1. Kuttruff, H.: Acoustics, An introduction. Taylor and Francis, 2007

2. Kahrs, M.- Brandenburg, K.: Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 1998.

3. Hartmann, W.: Signals, Sound, and Sensation. Woodbury: American Institute of Physics. 1997.

4. Talbot-Smith, M.: Audio Engineer?s Reference Book. Oxford: Focal Press. 2002.


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