Hardware for Multimedia

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Department of Circuit Theory

Subject provides concise basic overview of hardware used in multimedia (MM). It however does not try to achieve an encyclopedic completeness - instead of it, detailed analysis is carried out for selected blocks containing interesting technical solutions and more general principles. The main focus is specialization of digital function blocks for processing of MM data. Analog circuits are described manly as a complement to digital core. Frequent examples of MM data are used to illustrate functions of individual HW blocks.


Assesment is based on participation in seminar work and presentation of individual work.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Overview od MM data

2. Acoustic data input/output

3. Sound a audio/video cards

4. Multimedial operations support in microprocessors

5. Signal processors

6. Special structures and HW accelerators

7. Compression and decompression of acoustic and image data

8. Transmission of MM data

9. Interfaces of MM information storage devices

10. Security of MM data

11. Authoring, edits and classification of MM data

12. Parallel operations on MM data and connection via communication hardware

13. HW for interaction with user

14. reserve

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. PC for MM overview

2. A/D, D/A, aliasing

3. Sound cards

4. Power amplifiers

5. MM operations in PC processors

6. Signal processors

7. Compression

8. Acceleration in graphics cards

9. Cluster computing in MM rendering

10. Transmission of data

11. HW for user interaction

12. Presentaions of individual works

13. Presentaions of individual works

14. Asessment

Study Objective:

Explain basic principals of hardware used in multimedia data processing. Make sure student can select appropriate blocks for the task in hand and understands basic principals of their programming.

Study materials:

1. Madisetti, V. K.: VLSI Digital Signal Processors, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1995

2. Bhaskaran, D.: Image & video compression standards: algorithms & architectures. Kluwer series in engineering & computer science, 1997

3. online sources, current pointers at http://noel.feld.cvut.cz/vyu/a2b31hpm

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