Spojovací systémy 2

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E32SSY2 Z,ZK 4 2+2s
Department of Telecommunications Engineering

The subject complete a general knowledge of the switching technology (ST) and deal with applications of analog and digital switching systems in telecommunication networks. A typical levels of network are analysed and discussed to indicate which it is used within a public or private network.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Knowledge of facts and properties of switching systems in Czech network

2. Digital network in Czech republic and his development

3. Control of digital switching systems, network signaling

4. Properties of digital switching system EWSD

5. Properties of digital switching system S12

6. Intelligent network architekture and services

7. Broadband Integrates Services Digital Network B-ISDN, services

8. Application of ATM, virtual paths and virtual channels

9. ATM switching nodes, ATM switches

10. Signaling in Broadband Networks, interface UNI, NNI

11. Convergency of voice and date services

12. Conception of mixed analog and digital network, numbering planes

13. Number portability, strategy for number portability

14. Private networks, properties, services, signaling

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction. Information about secure work in lab and about this subject

2. Digital switching systems - network control principles, routing, signalling, supervision

3. Signalling in public and private networks - SS7, DPNSS/APNSS, Q-sig, DSS-1

4. Excursion - SPT Telecom test exchanges - types S12 and EWSD

5. Excursion to the DP (City transport) Prague - Private networks (MD110)

6. Local networks - concentrators, pair gain systems, Public Telephone sets - overview

7. Local networks - solution of pair gain systems and public telephone sets

8. Local networks - solution of concentrators

9. DRA 1900 - DECT/RLL

10. UTO (Node telephone network) auxiliary devices - overview

11. UTO - solution with directors and direction selectors

12. Trunk circuits in analogue networks - overview. T-signalling

13. Digital private networks. Virtual networks, centrex, „Dover B“ signalling

14. Final exercise. Getting assessment

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Recommended literature will be specified by lecturer.

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