Electromagnetic Compatibility in Teleinformatic Systems

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XP32EKT ZK 4 3P + 0S Czech
Department of Telecommunications Engineering

The course provides a cross-field electromagnetic compatibility EMC and in particular in terms of telecommunications and computing devices and systems. It deals with the issue of EMI (EMC interference) and EMS ( EMC immunity) and their measurement and testing. In addition, however, includes new approaches to EMC, fixed installations, particularly for construction and operation of intelligent buildings, EMC standardization of technical equipment and EMC standards of hygiene.


Students are given the task of translation in the form of a scientific article on the issue of EMC. The translation is done from a foreign language into Czech language. Checks will also use the correct terminology Czech. Translation is to be handed over to the examination date. The course is successful completion of the examination test.

Syllabus of lectures:

Basic concepts, interfering sources, distribution lines and the interference in the free space, methods of reducing noise, noise measurement on the sources (instruments and methods), electromagnetic immunity long-distance, local and instrument systems, methods for testing electromagnetic immunity, EMC standardization, testing in the EMC Czech Telecommunications, EMC analysis and forecasting, biological objects EMC and EMC standards of hygiene. The issue of EMC „fixed installations“.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Exercise is not. Organized excursions to the EMC lab at KTT CTU.

Study Objective:

PhD students of electrical engineering should gain a basic overview of the issues „Ecology of Electrical Engineering “. This particular method of testing for their radiation and electromagnetic interference immunity, EMC analysis and forecasting, EMC "fixed installations? and EMC health recommendations.

Study materials:

Vaculíková et al. Electromagnetic compatibility of electrical systems, Grade, Prague 1998

Habiger Elektromagnetische Vertraglichkeit ua, Verlag Technik Berlin - Munich, 1992

Svoboda, J. EMC buildings, Didactic Program in Innovation Course FRVS CTU KTT, December 2010

Svoboda, J. EMC biological systems, Didactic Program in Innovation FRVS course, CTU KTT, December 2010


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