Hydropower Schemes

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142VOE Z 3 1P+1C Czech
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Lectures are focused to basic operational regimes of hydropower plants and their types. Information about civil part requirements, machinery and electric part interface including control of hydropower plants will be given to students. Selected problems will be practice in lessons.


basic knowledge of hydraulics and hydrology

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Function of hydro power stations with respect of electric grid control

2. Ecological aspects of construction and operation, fish pass

3. Specific features and functions of hydro power

4. Turbine characteristics, yearly production of run-off river scheme

5. Hydraulic transients of low head hydropower stations, simulation

6. Hydraulic transients of high head hydropower stations, simulation

7. Untraditional method of harnessing of water power

8. Model similarity, turbine characteristics

9. Laboratory measuring of hydraulic turbines, test in situ

10. Guarantee tests, tests in situ

11. Cavitation, abrasion, suction head

12. Frequency, output and voltage control of hydropower plants

13. Generator, electric part, protection

14. Economy of construction and operation of hydropower plants

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Students will get basic knowledge of civil part and machinery including electric part of hydropower plants. Deep information of turbine properties with respect to civil part will be given.

Study materials:

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:[11] ESHA: Guide on How to develop a small hydropower plant; Handbuch zur Planung und Errichtung von Kleinwasserkraftanlagen, 2004

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