Special Problems of Optical Systems

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17POS Z,ZK 4 2+2s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

Optics for optical communication systems, matrices optics, Gaussian gain, dispersion and absorption, pulse propagation in disperse media, analog communication systems, digital communication systems, optical transmitter and receiver, professional software, signal analysis, nonlinear phenomena in optical fibers, optical soliton, optical sensors.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Optics for optical communication systems

2. Matrices optics

3. Gaussian beams

4. Dispersion and absorption, pulse propagation in disperse media

5. Transmission characteristics of the optical fibers

6. Analog communication systems

7. Digital communication systems, coding

8. Optical transmitter and receiver

9. Designing of the optical fiber system

10. Professional software for optical systems designing

11. Signal analysis

12. Nonlinear phenomena in optical fibers, optical soliton

13. Special optical fibers

14. Optical sensors

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Recapitulation of the knowledge's - optics and the field theory

2. Calculation of the transmission matrix of the fibers, couplers etc.

3. Solving of the optical systems - Jones matrix

4. Calculation of the dispersion from the fiber characteristics

5. Propagation of the Gaussian beams

6. Solution of the propagation of the Gaussian beam in the optical components

7. Laboratory measurements of the rise time of the optical system

8. Calculation of the information capacity of the single and multimode systems

9. Project of the communication system

10. Project of the communication systém - cont.

11. Optical fiber laboratory ÚRE - fiber amplifier

12. Modeling of the optical solitons

13. Computation with special software SCOPE

14. Laboratory measurements of the fiber amplitude sensors

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Saleh, B.E.A., Teich, M.C.: Fundamental of photonics. J. Wiley Publ. 1991

[2] Novotný, K.: Optická komunikační technika. Skripta ČVUT, Praha 1998

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