Optical Communication Technique

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17OKT Z,ZK 4 2+2s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

Optical communication systems, principles of geometrical optics, beam propagation in inhomogeneous material, fundamentals of wave optics, propagation in dielectric waveguides, mode spectrum, dispersion and attenuation of waves, optical fiber guides, special optical fibers, connectors and splices, cables, modulation digital and analog systems, optical fiber fabrication, measurement.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Optical communication systems

2. Principles of geometrical optics, beam propagation in inhomogeneous material

3. Fundamentals of wave optics, propagation in dielectric waveguides

4. Mode spectrum, dispersion and attenuation of waves

5. Planar optical guides, 2D and 3D waveguide

6. Optical fiber guides

7. Special optical fibers, connectors and splices, cables

8. Elements of the integrated optics

9. Modulation, optical modulator multi and demultiplexing

10. Analog and digital systems

11. Designing of the optical fiber system

12. Professional software SCOPE for optical system designing

13. Optical fiber fabrication, measurement

14. Methods for optical waveguides computation, BPM method

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Recapitulation of the knowledge's - optics and the field theory

2. Propagation of the optical waves in homogeneous and unhomog. media

3. Solving of the optical guides - methods of the geometrical optics

4. Methods of the wave optics

5. The independent solution of the example - plane optical waveguide,

6. The examples of the solution of the unhomogeneous optical waveguides

7. Optical fiber laboratory ÚRE

8. Optical fiber laboratory ÚRE

9. Computation of the optical fibers parameters

10. Laboratory - the analogue and the digital transmission

11. Laboratory - measurements of the attenuation and the numerical aperture

12. Dispersion in the optical fibers

13. Project of the optical line from point of view of attenuation and dispersion

14. The work with the special software - BPM method, ray tracing method

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[2] Jones, W.B.: Optical Fiber Communication Systems. Sounders College Publishing, N.York 1988

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