Planar Microwave Techniques

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17MIT Z,ZK 4 2+2s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

The subject covers problems of passive planar circuits applied in frequency bands of microwaves and mm waves. CAD tools. Strip, microstrip, slot and coplanar lines. Coupled lines. Directional couplers. Power dividers. Lumped parameter elements. Planar filters and resonant circuits. In project oriented exercises strudents work with professional CAD tools.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, CAD tools for MIT. Symetric stripline

2. Microstrip line. Dimension corrections, losses, dispersion

3. Slot line and coplanar lines. Dimension corrections, dispersion

4. Coupled symetric stripline. Dimension corrections, losses

5. Microstrip coupled lines. Dimension corrections, losses

6. Coupled line directional coupler

7. Lange directional coupler

8. 2arm and 3arm branch line coupler

9. Rat race coupler. Frequency band extension

10. De Ronde directional coupler

11. Power dividers. Equal and different dividing ratio

12. MIC with lumped parameters

13. Microwave planar circuits

14. MIC resonant circuits with distributed parameters

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction. Short information about MIDE software

2. Practice with the software LINES and PUFF

3. Exercise 1. Symetric stripline

4. Exercise 2. Microstrip line

5. Exercise 3. Slottline and coplanar stripline

6. Exercise 4. Coplanar waveguide

7. Exercise 5. Coupled symetric stripline and microstrip line

8. Exercise 6. Planar directional coupler

9. Exercise 7. Branch line coupler

10. Exercise 8. Rat race coupler

11. Exercise 9. Power devider

12. Exercise 10. Microwave filters I

13. Exercise 11. Microwave filters II

14. Inspection of records. Credit

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Gupta, K.C., Garg, R., Chadha, R.: Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Circuits. Artech House, Dedham 1981

[2] Helszajn, J.: Microwave Planar Passive Circuits and Filters. John Wiley, Chichester 1994

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