Medical Applications of Microwaves

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17LAM KZ 4 2+2s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

The major aim of these lectures is to explain to students the present and probable future possibilities of microwave medical applications. Biological thermal and non-thermal effects of electromag. field as well as safety limits are discussed. Microwave thermotherapy applied to cancer and other diseases is described. Details of microwave thermotherapy apparatus are given, especially from the point of view of applicators.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Medical applications of microwave - basic overview

2. Interactions of electromagnetic field with matter

3. Biological effects of electromagnetic field, safety limits

4. Hyperthermia, principals and technical equipment

5. Hyperthermia applicators - overview

6. Tests of hyperthermia applicators

7. Waveguide applicators

8. Evanescent mode waveguide applicators

9. Applicators for intracavitary treatment

10. Applicators for regional treatment

11. Treatment planning

12. Hyperthermia thermometry

13. Microwave non-invasive thermometry

14. Clinical results - discussion

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Basic of microwave techniques

2. Absorption of EM Energy in biological tissue

3. EM Field safety limits - calculations and measurements

4. Hyperthermia apparatus - (laboratory of Institute of Radiation Oncology - IRO)

5. Hyperthermia applicators - overview (laboratory K 317)

6. Tests of hyperthermia applicators - water phantom (laboratory K 317)

7. Tests of hyperthermia applicators - agar phantom (laboratory IRO)

8. Design of waveguide type applicator

9. Design of evanescent mode applicator

10. Design of applicator for intracavitary treatment

11. Design of applicator for regional treatment

12. Treatment planning

13. Numerical methods used for treatment planning

14. Methods for temperature measurements (laboratory IRO)

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Pozar, M.D.: Microwave Engineering. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Massachusets 1993

[2] Rizzi, P.A.: Microwave Engineering - Passive Circuits. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 1988

[3] Scott, A.W.: Understanding Microwaves. John Willey & Sons, Inc., New York 1993

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