RF CAD for Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

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17CD2 Z,ZK 4 1+3s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

CAD system description, foundations of system design, noise parameters, low-noise circuit design, signal distortion in the transmission chain, optoelectronic component modeling, computer analysis and optimization of electro-optical circuits, Nonlinear circuit analysis methods, Harmonic balance, Volterra series. Computer Aided analysis and optimization of nonlinear circuits. Planar circuit topologies and their design.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basic description of the professional system

2. RF system design

3. Noise properties of the RF both active and passive components

4. Low-noise circuit design

5. Noise analysis methods

6. Non-linear distortion in RF systems

7. Modelling of optical components with the help of the SCOPE/SERIES 4 program

8. Computer analysis and optimization of the electro-optical circuits

9. Computer analysis and optimization of the electro-optical circuits

10. Non-linear circuit analysis methods - harmonic balance, Volterra series

11. Modelling of the non-linear RF comp. with the help of the SCOPE/SERIES prog.

12. Computer analysis and optimization of the non-linear circuits

13. Electromagnetic field simulation - the FDTD and TLM methods

14. Other RF circuit design programs

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to hardware and software installed in the lab.

2. 2-D electromagnetic field simulation using TLM method

3. Introduction into Series4 and SCOPE programs

4. Linear circuit analysis (using the above-mentioned software)

5. Optimization of linear circuits

6. Nonlinear circuit analysis - power amplifier

7. Nonlinear circuit analysis - mixer

8. Noise analysis of linear and nonlinear circuits

9. Project work specification - low noise amplifier, passive circuit noise analysis

10. Radiofrequency system design - S/N and C/N calculations

11. Radiofrequency system design - IM parameters

12. Project work specification - system design

13. Project work

14. Final assesment

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Gupta, K.C., Garg, R., Chadha, R.: Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Circuits. Artech House, Dedham 1981

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