RF CAD Technique

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17CD1 KZ 4 1+3s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

Survey of common HF CAD programs, parameters of HF circuits, transmission lines, Smith chart, SWR, consequences of impedance, matching in HF systems, Smith program scattering parameters of n-ports, methods of analysis of linear circuits, circuit optimization, tolerance and statistical analysis, the Mide program, definition of circuit topology, Mide - circuit analysis and optimization, examples of other CAD design systems.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Brief overview of current RF CAD packages

2. RF circuit parameters

3. Transmission lines, SWR, Smith chart

4. Impedance matching

5. Program SMITH

6. N-port scattering parameters

7. Analysis of linear circuits consisting of arbitrary n-ports

8. Optimization of circuit performance

9. Yield and statistical analysis or RF circuits

10. Program MIDE - setting up a circuit

11. Circuit analysis and optimization using MIDE program

12. Strategies in RF circuit design

13. Individual projects - discussion

14. Examples of other CAD systems (HP-EESOF, Compact Software)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Grafsynt program - scattering parameters of microwave transistors and circuits

2. The GRAFSYNT program - basic circuit parameter calculation

3. MIDE program - basic introduction

4. MIDE program - radiofrequency circuit analysis

5. MIDE program - radiofrequency circuit design

6. MIDE program - auxiliary SD and TL programs

7. Specification of the first project work

8. Solution of the first project work

9. MIDE program - optimization and yield analysis

10. Specification of the second project work

11. Solution of project work

12. Solution of project work

13. Introduction into other CAD systems on the market

14. Final assesment

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Gupta, K.C., Garg, R., Chadha,R.: Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Circuits. Artech House, Dedham 1981

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