Applications of Microwave Technique

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17AMT Z,ZK 4 2+2s
Department of Electromagnetic Field

Microwave applications in industry, telecommunications, research and medicine. Interaction of microwaves with matter - heating and drying. Microwaves in food industry and in pharmacology. Biological effects of microwaves, safety limits. Medical applications of microwaves, principles and technical equipment. Introduction to microwave systems. Microwave sensors. Scientific applications of microwaves. Modern microwave technologies.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Microwave technique in industry, medicine, research and communications

2. Interactions of electromagnetic field with matter

3. Industrial applications of microwave technique - heating and drying

4. Microwave technique in food industry and pharmacology

5. Biological effects of electromagnetic field, safety limits

6. Medical applications of microwaves, cancer treatment

7. Hyperthermia, applicators for local and intracavitary treatment

8. Radiometry - principals and applications

9. Microwave terrestrial communications systems

10. Microwave satellite communications systems

11. Microwave navigation systems

12. Microwave sensors - applications in industry and transport

13. Applications of microwaves in scientific research

14. Modern microwave technology

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Basics of microwave techniques

2. Absorption of EM Energy in biological tissue

3. EM Field safety limits - calculations and measurements

4. Microwave heating - mathematical modelling

5. Microwave heating - experiment

6. Hyperthermia apparatus - (laboratory of Institute of Radiation Oncology - IRO)

7. Hyperthermia applicators - overview (laboratory K 317)

8. Radiometry - principals a applications (laboratory)

9. Microwave terrestrial communication systems (laboratory)

10. Microwave satellite communication systems (laboratory)

11. Microwave navigation systems (laboratory)

12. Microwave sensors

13. Microwaves in science and research (laboratory)

1. Excursion to microwave enterprises (ČAV, TESTCOM, ....)

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] Pozar, M.D.: Microwave Engineering. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Massachusets 1993

[2] Rizzi, P.A.: Microwave Engineering - Passive Circuits. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 1988

[3] Scott, A.W.: Understanding Microwaves. John Willey & Sons, Inc., New York 1993

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