Quality Management Systems

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W38O015 ZK 5P+0C
Jan Kožíšek (guarantor)
Department of Management and Economics

The course is designed for doctoral studies. The course acquaints students with issues of quality assurance and metrology in the company: Spiral of quality, Standards ISO 9000:2000. Furthermore, the student will study and apply seven basic tools for quality management. Except these tools, student will enlarge it knowledge of reliability theory, statistical analysis of the manufacturing process, statistical control and statistical inspection. In addition to these tools and methods student will manage seven new tools for managing quality and specific methods of quality management, including the economics of quality. Quality manual is a guide for the use of all previous methods.


content-area of the exam: particular curriculum chapters

Syllabus of lectures:

Phases of quality development, standards ISO 9000:2009, spiral of quality. Metrology in quality control. Seven basic tools for quality control. Statistical quality control and its methods. Statistical analysis of the manufacturing process, statistical control, statistical inspection. Reliability. Quality management system in the enterprise, the importance of the quality manual and further quality documentation. Specific methods of quality management and its use. Seven new tools for quality management. Economics of quality.

Syllabus of tutorials:

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Study Objective:
Study materials:

Kožíšek, Jan, Stieberová Barbora: Management kvality I, V ČVUT, Praha 2015;

Kožíšek, Jan, Stieberová Barbora.: Management kvality II, V ČVUT, Praha 2010;

Plura, Jiří.: Plánování a neustálé zlepšování jakosti, Computer Press, Praha 2001;

Tošenovský, Josef, Noskievičová, Darja: Statistické metody pro zlepšování jakosti, Montanex, Ostrava 2000;

Nenadál, Jaroslav: Měření v systémech jakosti, Management Press, Praha 2004;

Juran, Joseph, M., De Feo, Joseph, A.: Juran´s Quality Handbook, McGraw-Hill, New York 2010 ; Bo Bergman, Klefsjö Bengt: Quality, Studentlitteratur AB, Lund 2010

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