Identification of Technological Processes

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W37A001 ZK 6P+0C
Milan Hofreiter (guarantor)
Milan Hofreiter (guarantor)
Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

The subject is aimed to explanation of basic identification methods to obtain mathematical description of deterministic and stochastic systems. Experimental identification methods are explained for linear stochastic and deterministic dynamic systems in greater detail. The attention is also devoted to the numerical solution of identification algorithms. The course is concentrated to the most frequent methods which are applied in practice for identification of technological processes.


It is expected prior knowledge of basic control engineering and experience with Matlab.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Fundamental terms and classification of identification methods

2) Time-invariant linear systems

3) Experimental identification of nonparametric models

4) Signal description using a frequency domain representation

5) Continuous and discrete models of linear time-invariant systems

6) Estimating parametric models from nonparametric models

7) Least-squares method

8) Numerical solutions for the least-squares estimate

9) Maximum likelihood method

10) Recursive estimation methods

11) Models ARMA, AR, MA, ARX, OE, ARMAX, BJ

12) One-step and multi-step ahead prediction of output

13) Closed-loop identification

14) Identification of technological processes in practice

Syllabus of tutorials:

Solution of the project, which is aimed to identification of a selected laboratory apparatus by various identification procedures.

Study Objective:

After this course the student must be able to identify from recorded signals an unknown system describable with linear time invariant model.

Study materials:

L. Ljung: System Identification - Theory for the User, Prentice Hall PTR, 1999.

Y. Zhu: Multivariable System Identification for Process Control, Elsevier Science Ltd., 2001.

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