Machine Elements and Mechanisms I.

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E131512 Z,ZK 6 3P+2C
František Lopot (guarantor), Luděk Jančík
František Lopot (guarantor), Daniel Hadraba, Luděk Jančík
Department of Designing and Machine Components

Joints and joining elements (screwed, clamped, splined, welded, riveted, soldered and adhesive joints; joints with use of feathers, pins, tenons, cotters, keys). Mechanical transmissions (belt, chain, friction, gear drives).

Seminars are devoted to practical individual solution of simple design projects - tasks with motion screws, preloaded connecting bolts, clamped, pressed, splined and key joints between shafts and hubs and tasks with welded and riveted joints. Sketching of machine elements and their simple assembly units is also indispensable seminar work.



- elaboration and successful defence (respecting due dates) of all assigned design tasks,

- elaboration of given number of sketched machine elements and their assembly units


- knowledge of whole range of lectured subject matters,

- sketching ability (model-less sketching of machine elements and their simple assembly units),

- numwerical design calculation of assigned simple design tasks with use of technical literature

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Basic principles of supporting systems design en.

2) Bolt and screw joints. Geometry, mechanics and design of thread pairs.

3) Bolt and screw connections - theory and design of preloaded joints.

4) Design of preloaded bolts and screws at variable external load. Motion screws and nuts.

5) Removable joints of shafts and hubs - clamped, pressed, splined, keyed.

6) Joints with clevis pins, pins, shrunk-on rings. Design of welded joints.

7) Butt and fillet welds - practical design calculations. Bonded and riveted joints.

8) Mechanical transmissions - kinematic and dynamic behaviour, calculating models.

9) Design of belt and chain drives, transmissions with friction wheels.

10) Geared transmissions - types, basic law of gearing, theory of involute gearing.

11) Spur gear drives - dimensional and strength calculations, design, measuring, production.

12) Helical gear drives - virtual gear theory, rules of calculating methods, dimensional and strength calculations, design, measuring, production.

13) Bevel gear drives - virtual and bivirtual gears theory, rules of calculating methods.

14) Hypoid gear drives. Screw and worm gear drives - dimensional and strength calculations, design and production of gears.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1) Driving Mechanism with Motion Screw

2) Assembly Unit with Dynamically loaded prestressed connecting bolt

3) Connection of Shaft and Hub of Wheel with feather key

4) Straight Sided Spline Connection of Shaft and Hub of Wheel

5) Connection of two Shafts with Clamping Shaft Coupling

6) Pressed Joining of Shaft and Hub of Wheel

7) Welded Pressure Tank.

8) Latice in Plane with Welded (Rivited) Steel Construction

9) Theory of Gear Mesh

10) Sketched figures:

41 sketched examples of machine elements and their assembly units

Study Objective:

Extension of knowledge and acquisition of basic skills at design of machine parts and mechanisms.

Clarification of basic calculating theories, models, procedures and design principles of machine elements and assembly units with general use.

Practical design solutions of simple design tasks, including elaboration of preliminary design, check calculations and assembly drawings.

Study materials:

1. Jančík, L.: Machine Elements and Mechanisms I (study texts), CTU, Prague, 2006

Jančík, L.: Machine Elements and Mechanisms - Tasks (study texts), CTU, Prague, 2008

Shigley, J.E., Mischke, C.R.: Mechanical Engineering Design, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1989

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Jančík L.
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Lopot F.
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